Black Gold School Division
Caledonia Park School

Order Your Viking Wear!

Welcome to Caledonia Park School, home of the Vikings and Viking wear!

This year students will be able to purchase school apparel directly from the supplier through our individual Viking Wear website.

We will be doing two orders, one in September and another in the spring, so if you choose not to purchase now there will be another opportunity later in the year.

The deadline for our first purchase will be   September 21st, indicated by a countdown clock on the website.

If you choose to purchase any items, you will select and pay for them directly on the website. There will be no payment taken in by the school.

Once the deadline to order has passed, items will be delivered to the school and handed out to students by their homeroom teacher.

The site is shown below and will also be on the home page of our School website.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mr. Mailer at the email address below.