Black Gold Regional Division No. 18
Caledonia Park School

2018/19 Student Fees

Caledonia Park School Fee Schedule

The 2018-19 Fee Schedule has been approved by the Minister of Education and is posted below. As directed by the Minister, only fees included on the fee schedule can be charged for the 2018-19 school year. This means that potential fees are also included on the fee template. Fees may be on the template that may not be charged, or that may be charged at a reduced amount.

  • For example, fees for zone or provincial competitions for all sports teams have been included on the template. These fees will only be charged should the team qualify for the event.
  • For Activity Fees (Field Trips), fees for all possible field trip fees have been included. Should the field trip not occur, or fundraising cover a portion of the costs, the fee will be reduced or eliminated accordingly.

Fees are charged only to the extent that the costs are incurred.


Division Tuition Fees

Foreign Student or Out of Province
Where no reciprocal exchange agreement exists  $12,000.00


Division Transportation Fees

Ineligible students: < 2.4 km to designated school  $     300.00
Ineligible students: to school of choice  $     300.00
Family Maximum  $     750.00


Fees to Enhance Basic Instruction

Activity Fees (Field Trips) 
ECS Enhanced Fee $80.00
Gr. 1 Field Trips x 6 (may include in-school FT) $63.00
Gr. 2 Field Trips x 6 (may include in-school FT) $63.00
Gr. 3 Field trips x 4 (may include in-school FT) $63.00
Gr 4 Field trips x 4 (may include in-school FT ) $63.00
Gr. 5 Field trips x 4 (may include in-school FT) $63.00
Gr. 6 Field trips x 4 (may include in-school FT) $63.00
Gr. 7 Field trips x 4 $63.00
Gr. 8 Field trips x 4 $63.00
Gr. 9 Field trips x 3 $63.00
Gr. 5 Birch Bay Field Trip Fee* $105.00
Gr. 5 Birch Bay Field Trip Deposit $25.00
Gr. 9 September Jasper Field Trip Stu Fee* $147.00
Rabbit Hill Bus Fee Gr. 4,5,6 $4.00
Rabbit Hill Lift Ticket Gr. 4,5,6 $26.00
Rabbit Hill Ski/Board Rental Gr. 4,5,6 $18.00
Ski Trip Jasper Fee Without Rentals $168.00
Ski Trip Jasper Fee With Rentals $225.75
Ski Trip Jasper Deposit $75.00

*full fee before fundraising


Fees for Optional Courses
Active Living River Valley $135.00
Art $15.00
Creative Spirits $20.00
Gardening $15.00
Garden Bench $40.00
Home Economics $27.50
Shop $27.50


Non-Curricular Fees

Extracurricular Fees
Cross Country $5.00
Elementary Basketball $42.00
Jr. High Basketball $52.50
Golf $45.00
Volleyball $42.00

Non-Curricular Goods and Services
Recorders $8.00