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Caledonia Park School

Parent Council

AGM Caledonia Park School Parent Council
Sep 15, 2020 06:30 PM

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Home And School Positions are held by

Shana Weinstein – President
Melonia Edwards- Vice President
Tracy Sparrow – Treasurer
Summer King – Secretary

Erin McIntyre – Fundraising Coordinator & Spirit Days
Leanne Davey – Popcorn Sale
Tracey Assinger – Bake Sale
Angela Hewlett & Victoria Thomas  – Hot lunch coordinator
Shana Weinstein & Melonia Edwards – Volunteer Coordinator

Home and School covers the Fundraising, special events, hot lunches, Spirit days, healthy hair checks etc.

School Council positions are held by

Jessica Wassing – President
Bonita Chometsky – Vice-President
School council handles more of the information sharing ie: what’s happening in our school boards, minister of education, bylaws etc.

Fundraising letter

Please read the 2018/19 School Year letter from the Caledonia Park Home and School Council – 2018/19 Letter