Caledonia Park School


Parent Council

Upcoming Home & School Meetings


CPS Home & School AGM

Time: September 7th, 2022 06:30 PM

Location: Caledonia Park School Library

Home And School Board

President: Leanne Davey
Vice President: Chantelle Riddel
Secretary: Carleen Brown
Treasurer: Trisha Shewchuk

Fundraising Coordinator & Spirit Days
Popcorn Sale
Bake Sale
Hot lunch coordinator
Volunteer Coordinator

Home and School covers School Fundraising, special events, hot lunches, Spirit days, healthy hair checks etc.

School Council Board

President: Bonita Chometsky
Vice President: Michelle Palsenbarg
Div 1 Rep: Shantel Bauer
Div 2 Rep: Erin McIntyre
Div 3 Rep: Michelle Palsenbarg

School council handles more of the information sharing ie: what’s happening in our school boards, minister of education, bylaws etc.