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Caledonia Park School

Supply Lists

2020-21 School Supply Lists!
New for the upcoming school year: We have teamed up with School Start for easy supply ordering! This option is completely optional for families, but if you are interested in looking into it please visit – You can search up our school & class lists through the “Parents Shop Here” option!  All orders will be delivered directly to your home within 1 business day.


Printable Supply Lists:
Kindergarten Classes – Mrs. Golinsky & Mrs. Giesbrecht
Grade 1 Classes – Miss Cyre, Mrs. Shephard & Mrs. Wozniak
Grade 2 Classes – Mrs. Krahn, Mrs. Rees/Mrs. Giesbrecht, Mrs. Ramirez & Mrs. Mandryk (split classroom)
Grade 3 Classes – Mrs. Mandryk (split classroom), Mrs. Scott & Mrs. Tilleman
Grade 4 Classes – Mrs. Adams, Mr. May & Mrs. McClements
Grade 5 Classes – Mrs. Gilchrist, Mrs. Gravel & Mrs. Hodge
Grade 6 Classes – Mrs. Bamber, Mrs. Keil & Miss Duiker
Final Junior High Supply List – Mrs. Vandenberghe, Mrs. Peters, Mrs. Kaliszuk, Mrs. Wannop, Mrs. McClean, Mrs. May, Mr. Brunton, Mrs. Stepanick, Mr. Martel & Mr. Mailer