Caledonia Park School


Junior High Options & Complementary Courses

Complementary Courses

All Junior High Students will be registered in one complementary each term. The following fees will be assessed to students for these courses. These course fees cover supplies that are consumed during the course – prompt payment is greatly appreciated!

  • Woodworking: $40.00
  • Home Economics: $30.00
  • Arts: $15.00

Grade 7 students will be rotated on a quarterly term basis for these complementary courses.

  • Grade 7
    • Woodworking – Mr. Martel
    • Arts – Mrs. Kaliszuk
    • Home Economics – Mrs. Wannop
    • Leadership – Mr. Brunton
  • Grade 8
    • Woodworking – Mr. Martel
    • Arts – Mrs. Kaliszuk
    • Home Economics
  • Grade 9
    • Woodworking – Mr. Martel
    • Arts – Mrs. Kaliszuk
    • Home Economics

Optional Courses

Students can choose ONE option course per term. New students can complete the Options Form and email the form to ASAP.

Please note that Optional Courses that include a fee MUST be paid before the first class. Students that have an outstanding balance will not be permitted to participate in the class.

Option NameDescription
Off-Campus RecreationStudents will participate in a variety of activities off-campus. Activities may include, bowling, swimming, indoor rock climbing, fencing, archery, laser tag, or river valley excursions. This option has a fee of $200
3D DesignsStudents will create, plan, develop, and design projects such as Rube Goldberg Machines. This option has a fee of $15.
ComicsStudents will explore a variety of comics and have the opportunity to create their own.
CosmetologyStudents will learn skin care, hairstyling, nail care, make-up and more. Students will explore these techniques largely through hands-on activities. Students will be trying new skills on themselves and other students in the class.
PhotographyStudents will be introduced to the basics of photography, including camera functions and photo composition. Students will learn what it takes to create a good photograph and how to improve photographs of animals, people, and vacations.
Film StudiesStudents will critique movies of all types and genres. In addition to watching movies, students are expected to complete questions and projects pertaining to the films, as well as review professional movie reviews, and discuss key elements of the film. 
DramaStudents will play a variety of theatrical games. Students will express themselves through verbal and/or non-verbal language. Developing characters and scenes will be a focus as well. 
DrawingStudents will explore a variety of drawing skills and create drawing projects using graphite and other drawing media.
CSIStudents will study different investigative skills including handwriting analysis, footprints, microscope use, data analysis, and interview skills. Creative thinking, logical reasoning and collaboration will be developed through a variety of puzzle-solving scenarios. Students will use their skills to create and solve “mock crime scenes” and “breakout rooms”.
Genius HourStudents will design and implement a project of their choice based on their own interests. Past student projects have ranged from learning the basics of another language to learning how to hand sew to planning a vacation itinerary. The project will need teacher approval.
Yard GamesStudents will participate in a number of outdoor games often associated with camping. Some games include ladder golf, bocci ball, spike ball, can jam and frisbee.
Card Games, Board Games and PuzzlesStudents will have the opportunity to learn a variety of card games, participate in their favourite board games or simply complete a variety of puzzles.
Iron ChefThis course is designed for someone that has taken Foods previously and can navigate the kitchen safely. They will be given select ingredients and will have to create a dish using what is provided. $15
Food BasicsThis course is designed to teach you the fundamental skills necessary to operate in the kitchen safely, read a recipe and measure accurately and work with basic kitchen equipment. It is designed for students who have only had a limited amount of experience in the kitchen.$10
Main course meal planningThis course is designed for someone that has taken Foods before and is ready to create some healthy savoury entre style dishes.  These dishes would prepare you to cook at home for your family or in your future. $15
Outdoor EducationThe goal of Outdoor Education is to provide students with opportunities to learn about and experience activities related to the outdoors. Classes will consist of some in-class instruction as well as a large degree of “learning by experiencing”. Our emphasis will be on activities like cycling, hiking, rock climbing, kayaking, and camping preparations, as well as nurturing a respect for the environment and community in which we do these things. This option has a fee of $40.
CraftsStudents in this course will be given the opportunity and the freedom to choose your own themes to match your own personal style! Projects could include painting stools, decorating mirrors and mason jars, and creating string art, along with many other wooden crafts. Students will be asked to bring in some old items to restore