Black Gold School Division
Caledonia Park School

School Credit Transfers

Black Gold School Division has recently introduced a new feature to allow parents to transfer student credits themselves! This is a fantastic feature, especially if you have a student credit and your child is transferring to a new school (ie: Grade 9s moving to Leduc Comp) or you want to use the credit for transportation/division tech. fees. This feature works for any Black Gold School fee.

To Transfer Student Credits:

Click on Menu (top right corner) and select “Transfer Money”.















Then transfer (for example) from CPS to LCHS, the $ amount and always put a comment in ie: “to pay for Jack’s Option Fees” and click OK.

These credits can be transferred to any outstanding fees – ie: fees at another school, transportation, division technology fees, etc…













If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact the school for assistance.