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Kindness Challenge – Week 1

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Kindness Challenge – Week 1

Today, we are beginning Week 1 of the CPS Kindness Challenge! This week’s challenge is to give someone a compliment.

We encourage students to be mindful of this week’s Kindness Challenge, and encourage them to focus on this skill. If you are interested in extending this challenge into a lesson, here are some suggested lesson materials:


Recognizing strengths in others is a Social Awareness skill. Giving a compliment may also require us to practice other Social Awareness skills, such as showing concern for others’ feelings and expressing gratitude. Building positive relationships is also a Relationship Skill, and compliments help us to build these relationships with each other over time. Compliments may seem like a simple and pleasant process, but they are an excellent way to practice our social and emotional skills.

Enjoy the week!

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